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  1. What was your favorite part of the book? What was your least favorite?

  2. Which scene has stuck with you the most?

  3. What did you think of the writing? Any standout sentences? Did you re-read any passages? If so, which ones?

  4. What surprised you most about the book?

  5. If you could ask the author anything, what would it be?

  6. How does the book's title work in relation to the book's contents?

  7. Did this book remind you of any other books?

  8. Who do you most want to read this book?

  9. Are there lingering questions and themes from the book you're still thinking about?

  10. Did the book strike you as original?



  1. Which characters did you like best? Which did you like least?

  2. Which character did you relate to, or empathize with, the most?

  3. If you had to trade places with one character, who would it be?

  4. Guess the characters' zodiac signs.

  5. What do you think happens to the characters after the book's official ending? Do you want to see these characters again in the future?

  6. Are there any characters you'd like to deliver a lecture to? What would you say?

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