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"The connection between characters (both alive and dead) of mistreatment or neglect by their families is sobering, but something they can all understand about each other... Alice is the reason for the carnage on the first page of this novel but is also the catalyst for healing sorely needed by many. Something different, and an enjoyable, multi-award winning read."


"I loved following Tess as she worked through all of her feelings and what was going on with her, her dad, and her cat, Alice. The book had a really nice message and I think can be so relatable to readers who have lost someone close to them or just feel a bit lost. I loved Tess finding help from unlikely new friends."

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"Be warned – this book is absolutely heartbreaking! I cried and cried! ...All of the characters are wonderfully drawn and instantly compelling and the writing plunges you deep into Tess’s grief and keeps you immersed there with her, holding your breath that you will both surface by the end of the story."

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"It’s fantasy, it’s mystery, it’s creepy, it’s funny, it’s about grief and friendship and the middleschool years. If Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton are your jam, this is your book. Librarians should definitely have this on the shelf!"


"This story quickly pulled me in and enveloped me. The writing was smooth and easy, and the characters were perfect, and perfectly flawed.... As a Young Adult fiction reader myself, I loved the supernatural aspect of this story, as well as the ‘just because you’re not friends doesn’t mean you have to be enemies’ themes of this book. This Young Adult piece of fiction works on every level."


“…very much the kind of book I like to see out in the world because it does explore those real situations in real ways with true awareness of what that character is feeling…it feels so genuine…There is a character arc that happens where she sort of comes to terms and, as an adult
reading it, the ending,
without spoilers, is a
very responsible ending.”

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" accessible and realistic way of writing about grief, which deals with emotional trauma and how
support can be found in friendships... Ultimately, it is a very hopeful book in which anger is well portrayed."

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"...imaginative and funny but also sad at times. Tess and her little group of misfits were all absolutely adorable. I loved their quirky personalities and how caring they were with each other. I felt for Tess as she struggled... This was such a beautiful take on grief and loss with a spooky twist. Loved it!"

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"Tim Cummings is good at describing how a teen moves through all the emotions and choices thrown at them in normal and not so normal is well written,
very descriptive, and moves through life in many of real life situations.  A very good story to open conversations for teens living through grief
and teen drama."

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"It's well-written, brings points completely home, and the insanity makes the difficult aspects really sit. I can recommend this one
and found it to be
quite the ride."

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"I love how Cummings uses words to take you through multiple worlds without ever leaving one town. He’s able to hold your attention and
urges you to ask for
one more chapter."

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"If you are a fan of Tim Burton then you will love Tim Cummings’ new book
Alice the Cat. This was definitely a book that I liked
more than expected."

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"Just be prepared you may want to keep a Kleenex or two on hand. Also, have your furbabies close at hand to cuddle as you read the book for comfort and to remind you they're still
here and healthy."

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