8-week online writer's workshops

Fiction; Non-fiction; Kid-lit; Dramatic; Hybrid forms
4 to 5 participants max

Engaging, supportive, creative

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Winter 2020:


Summer 2020:


Spring 2020:


Fall 2020:

Argonauts + Glowworms + Charlottes

T E S T I M O N I A L S:

"Tim made me feel like I could actually be a writer. He is so insightful and constructive with his notes, it gets you excited to implement them in the next week's submission. Tim leads the group with authority, but with a gentle empathy that brings out the best in all the participants. He is such a careful reader and note taker that it feels like you have a writing partner helping you along. I would recommend his workshop to anyone who feels like they have something to write, you will progress more than you thought possible. Hell, I'm taking it again in a couple months!

"I highly recommend that you take this workshop. Tim has a sensitivity, experience, and breadth of knowledge that makes him an incredibly effective teacher. His praise and critique are keenly perceptive. Writing is so personal, so difficult to share with others, and Tim makes you feel safe to be vulnerable and let the sincere and truthful work flow out of you. I’ve never had such a profound artistic experience. After eight weeks, I have the first eighty pages of my novel! Take the class! Write, write, write!"


"If you are a writer, at any level of experience, I strongly recommend Tim Cummings workshop. Tim is a teacher and mentor who is devoted to seeing his students succeed and become better writers than when they first walked through his door. He has that magic touch of somehow critiquing your work while also making you feel like your work is amazing. Tim keeps his writing groups intimate as to ensure everyone gets a chance to work through their individual projects. His vocabulary and suggestions of reading material are inspiring and so helpful!  I can’t wait to join the next session!"

"Tim´s writing workshop changed my life and my writing. His nurturing mentorship, his wide-ranging curiosity in story and literature, his inquisitive nature about where my story was going, all gave me both the confidence  as well as a technique to finally finish the first draft of my novel. I was able to learn more in 8 weeks with him than I did in my previous years of online-workshops and self-study. Highly recommend this course, and being in the room (or  the Zoom)  with Tim. I´d study with him again in a heartbeat."


"Tim Cummings empowers fellow writers. Wise, engaging, efficient, and sharp, Tim assists in constructing fresh writing with efficiency and expertise. His troubleshooting techniques, his leadership and ability to inspire, and his keen analysis help writers build on current practice when constructing and discussing their work. While attending Tim’s workshop, I wrote 60 pages of new fiction. Tim provided timely and targeted feedback and guided the group in their focused responses. Set in a cozy spot, Tim creates a safe space for learning and yes, laughing. Looking for a self-care gift? Tim’s writer’s workshop delivers."


"From the first week, Tim was an encouraging and understanding presence. The fears of being creatively vulnerable are quickly assuaged by the collaborative environment that Tim fosters. I felt my work had room to be raw, and new, and ugly, and that the atmosphere for critique was constructive, not debilitating. And Tim’s knowledge combines with a lifetime of actually living the “artist’s way,” endowing him with a myriad of helpful tactics, ranging from the spiritual to the practical. I spent 8 weeks getting better as a writer."


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